so what does nhawi mean and what is this blog about? well ‘nhawi’ is like ‘ummmm’ in the local aboriginal language, Yolngu Matha. in simple terms the title of my blog represents the gap between articulating thoughts. its the sound of not saying anything, momentarily.

this blogg is a record of our lives in north east arnhem land and our travels to experience other countries and cultures.

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so our week in piemonte has come to an end, we had a last supper with thomas and his family, it was a tribute to the italian cuisine and started ...

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arguably one of the top 5 wine growing districts of the world is the region in piemonte known as barolo, centered around the town of the same name and famous ...

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as i sat on the warm stone wall at our villa having my breakfast of freshly picked tomatoes and figs with rocket, salami, prosciutto and a couple of different cheeses, ...

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of course food and italia are synonymous, you cant travel far here without passing another bar, cafe, pizzeria or restaurant and while we have had the luxury of our own ...

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acqui terme

acqui terme was another town we discovered driving around the piemonte country side, known for its hot springs - including a very hot fountain in the central piazza - we ...

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so here we are in piemonte, the days have slipped by rather quickly and i still havent caught up with the blog posts- too many days exploring the amazing countryside, ...

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whilst we were in denmark staying with thomas and mie, they mentioned they were coming down to piemonte in italy for a week at the end of august and asked ...

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as mentioned, while we have been staying in hombrechtikon we have spent a bit of time down at rapperswil, which is a very pretty town on the bottom end of ...

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so after the som family returned from their seattle soujourn we had the rest of the week with them before hiring another car and heading out to hombrechtikon on the ...

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our 2 weeks in denmark has come to an end and we are back in zürich for a while, our time in svendborg with the brieghel family was just awesome. ...

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as denmark is the home of lego and we were only a couple of hours from the first legoland in billund, jutland, we decided a visit with the kids was ...

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after looking into flights from zürich to copenhagen we worked out it would be cheaper - and more fun - to hire a car and drive up to visit our ...

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