so what does nhawi mean and what is this blog about? well ‘nhawi’ is like ‘ummmm’ in the local aboriginal language, Yolngu Matha. in simple terms the title of my blog represents the gap between articulating thoughts. its the sound of not saying anything, momentarily.

this blogg is a record of our lives in north east arnhem land and our travels to experience other countries and cultures.

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piha  001


last night i was putting the rubbish out just before sunset, ended up spending 10 minutes or so watching the orb of the sun dip below the horizon from the ...

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dport  081


so we were back up north last week, sal's aunt had her son, beau staying and we hadnt seen him since our last trip to bali (where he lives), so ...

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dport  001


  i realised its a while since i posted, and in fact when I uploaded the images I realised I had completely forgotten to post about our trip to devonport, takapuna ...

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finance 101

  sometimes the light just comes on...and it surprises you too! tonite i was talking to kai about the money he got for christmas and his birthday, quite an amount because he ...

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bday  002


happy birthday to our beautiful son, kai. he woke this morning fairly early as is to be expected for a birthday boy! we all climbed into bed together and had ...

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whites  001

whites beach

today was a classic summer sunday, warm, sunny and lazy! we pottered around at the bach, sunbaking, cleaning, washing and a little bit of gardening inderspersed with eating and resting ...

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nz  001

new year

Ok, i am sorry there have been no posts since last year, but nothing much has happened since last year! today we headed into auckland to see sal's cousin, luke, his ...

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north  001


on xmas day we left piha and set off to drive up north to sal's aunt Robyn, who had asked us to join her for christmas dinner, we headed up ...

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piha  006


as most of you know we are staying in our friend jeremy's bach in piha for the summer, piha is a little surf village on the west coast of nz, ...

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piha  001


I feel like there has been a significant shift since our arrival in piha, we always knew the first month was going to be a lead into the 'gap year', ...

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nz2  001


we awoke to a glorious sunny morning this morning, then the wind dropped away and an amazing sea fog rolled in, this is the view out the front of jeremy's ...

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nz1  001


  it was with some sense of relief that we flew out to auckland from melbourne yesterday, the tragic consequences of the seige in martin place in sydney hung heavy over ...

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