so what does nhawi mean and what is this blog about? well ‘nhawi’ is like ‘ummmm’ in the local aboriginal language, Yolngu Matha. in simple terms the title of my blog represents the gap between articulating thoughts. its the sound of not saying anything, momentarily.

this blogg is a record of our lives in north east arnhem land and our travels to experience other countries and cultures.

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I feel like there has been a significant shift since our arrival in piha, we always knew the first month was going to be a lead into the 'gap year', ...

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we awoke to a glorious sunny morning this morning, then the wind dropped away and an amazing sea fog rolled in, this is the view out the front of jeremy's ...

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  it was with some sense of relief that we flew out to auckland from melbourne yesterday, the tragic consequences of the seige in martin place in sydney hung heavy over ...

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grandma erica's lemons


  grandpa bob with nick, tim & kai. well the local leg of our gap year is coming to a close, we spent a few days with mum & bob in ...

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last day

this is the estuary at the front of andrew and di's property, winding its way into the ocean, as the sun sets over our holiday on king island, the last ...

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today was the first day of racing at the king island race club for the season, if you had asked me for a list of things we might do while ...

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heading out

fishing & feeding

we rose yesterday to a stunning king island spring day, after a leisurely sleep in, and decided that it was the perfect day to head out on the boat for ...

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king island

so its goodbye to tassie and off to king island, for those of you who dont know, king island is in the middle of bass straight between tasmania and victoria. we ...

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Sakura Boy Sake Mini-Daiginjo NV


when we first arrived in hobart a bit over a week ago, i noticed a little japanese restaurant, RIN, on harrington st while i was walking around. i asked mahni ...

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meze starter


look at those cheesy grins! yes folks, thats is the happy day, eleven years ago, on the 24th November that we got married, in our breezeway, after nightshift! what can i ...

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up the 100 steps from the ferry


i had heard so much about mona, (museum of new and old art, http://www.mona.net.au  ) and it was definitley on the to-do list for tassie, now whether i had my grumpy ...

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antill art

in another lifetime my mum ran a commercial art gallery in south yarra, melbourne and one of her favourite artists was judy antill - and her walls hung with judy's ...

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the design is a work in progress, i wanted a nice clean layout and to date i have not bothered with a ‘front page’ per se, the site would just load to the latest blog entry at the top. i have decided to experiment with a ‘landing page’ that links to the articles instead.

at the bottom of each page is a link to all the blog posts, arranged from latest to oldest, you can also use the categories on the side bar in the blog posts to look at posts that are tagged with that specific category. not sure whether this is the way to go or not – happy to get feedback either way!