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I sold about 66% of my DDR holdings last month after the share price hit $7.30, i believe this is so far beyond any value I can asign the business that it would be irresponsible to continue to hold such a large position in my portfolio. I still retain about 8000 shares so its still a reasonable position.

I have mainly distributed the realised capital into existing holdings in AER, SFC, SRG, PPH, KME & JYC.

My thinking was to increase the holding in AER to a more meaningful size as the execution appears to be on track, in the case of SRG it appeared to be the most undervalued of current positions, KME & JYC i had identified as accumulate targets following strong execution identified in the AR's, JYC i waited for a dip after it ran up, but KME I paid up for as I think the probability of it growing strongly is above 50% with only a 20% liklihood of underperformance.

SFC remains a very strong conviction and hence I increased postion size on some price weakness.

I also put a significant amount of capital into OMN which is a pure arbitrage play, the business is being wound up after the founder became very ill, and it is that rare circumstance of a net-net where the assets significantly outweigh the capitalisation. Shareholders should see a return in the order of 15% over 6 months. This is one of those rare situations where the upside is as near to 100% as possible and the downside is close to 0%.