so what does nhawi mean and what is this blog about? well ‘nhawi’ is like ‘ummmm’ in the local aboriginal language, Yolngu Matha. in simple terms the title of my blog represents the gap between articulating thoughts. its the sound of not saying anything, momentarily.

this blogg is a record of our lives in north east arnhem land and our travels to experience other countries and cultures.

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Long time

...no see! I have been reluctant to update the blog because its all built on Wordpress, which in hindsight was a big mistake because so many of the plug ins ...

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Alone - well sort of! Sal has gone down to NSW for a week or so for her Grandmother's 90th, Kai is in Darwin for 2 weeks at trade school ...

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catch up

Picking up from the end of June - which is when I last posted on the blog! - we had a visit from friends Anna & her daughter Mali and ...

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Mid June has not typically been a time of the year we do much boating, the SE trades are generally well set by then and the sea conditions will generally ...

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Pearl Farm

After finally leaving Guruliya Bay we sailed down to Firefly Pass between Warnawi and Alger Island, went through the pass and then across Donington Sound to the West end of ...

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We have now been at Guruliya Bay for 6 days, this was never our plan - to spend nearly a week in one spot at the Wessel Islands, but the ...

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We left Astell Island and motored across the top of Inglis Island and then down Pera Channel into the top of Arnhem bay and an area called Yalakun Sound. It ...

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After a couple of days in Elizabeth Bay we motored around to the western side of Astell Island, we have never explored this island and it has a couple of ...

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So Sal has a months long service leave and I have taken about 6 weeks off too, today we have headed out on the yacht, not sure where we are ...

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Miller Island

After nearly 1 month of rain and cloudy weather, we finally had a fine, clear, blue sky day. It was basically calm all day so sailing was out of the ...

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back again

Back again to Australian's Bay in the Wessels, with the public holiday falling on a Thursday it meant Sal had a 4 day weekend so we packed up and headed ...

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This year we decided to head South for our annual end of year trip away on our boat. Firstly, now that we have Lumiel it obviously opens up a much ...

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