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13 pendrell rd, piha

as most of you know we are staying in our friend jeremy’s bach in piha for the summer, piha is a little surf village on the west coast of nz, its technically a suburb of Auckland. you will have seen from the images just what a beautiful little place it is.

(if you dont already know, ‘bach’ is the term kiwis use for a small holiday house.)

jeremy’s bach is hidden away in the hills above piha, from the street there is no visible sign of the house or an entry point – which makes it incredibly private. although there are houses all around us, there is no point in the bach that we can be seen by the neighbors.

the toilet is a long drop – elevated about 12m above the forest floor! it has a walkway from the main vernadah out to it and the view is magnificent across the surrounding, forest clad ranges.

the bach has a ground floor with a nice large timber deck, and a small living space, dining area and kitchen, the washing machine is on the deck and there is a shower outside. kai is sleeping on the day bed on the ground floor. upstairs is a small loft where sal & i sleep with its own little deck.

the actual village of piha is about a 15 minute walk down the hill, although we nearly always drive because there is no footpath for much of the way, there is not much there, a little shop, a cafe, post office, the RSA club (RSL) and the surf club. For any real shopping we pop across to New Lynn or Henderson, about 20 minutes away.

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  1. looks idyllic!

  2. How would a “Bach ” go at Gunyangara ,food for thought , I’d stay there he he

    • You already have one at Lacebark Ave! Actually i have always liked the idea of doing something with that old frame of a shed beside Tony & Linda’s at Catalinas. Maybe we need to talk about that sometime!?

  3. Enjoy xo

  4. Looks wonderful. Merry Christmas to you all!! We hope you enjoy a happy day in the trees. We have had a day waterskiing with my cousin Karen and her family. We all had turns being towed on a “biscuit” which was very fast and exciting. I even got up on double ski’s for the first time in @18 years. Love to you all, it was fantastic to see you all again, enjoy the adventures ahead…..
    Love Annette & Simon and co.

  5. This “bach” would be an excellent spot for bee keeping! Should I come over to introduce you into this new art?
    Merry Xmas!

    • i suspect the pōhutukawa trees would make great honey, They are known as christmas trees and the coastal areas of NZ are a sea of red with the flowering pōhutukawas. Not much room for you in the bach though!!

  6. When I bring my bees, there will be enough room for me, Rick, though!
    But I can promise you a glass of honey, though!

  7. A belated merry xmas & happy new year from the Stimo’s. enjoying the read, happy trails in 2015!

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