Jan 082015
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happy birthday to our beautiful son, kai. he woke this morning fairly early as is to be expected for a birthday boy! we all climbed into bed together and had a cuddle before he opened his little haul of presents, he added some more money to his wallet care of opa and grammy & pop, and some more lego direct from grandma erica and grandpa bob. mum and dad gave him some new games for the 3DS and some lego figurines.

following a birthday breakfast we headed into auckland for a birthday adventure, sal had discovered a ‘play in the park’ day a couple of girls had organised with lots of games and toys in a park on the auckland city waterfront.

kai had a ball running around and playing with other kids and things, we all had fish and chips for lunch and a wander round the waterfront, it brought back memories for me from when i lived in auckland and worked down on the waterfront doing marine maintenance.

we came home in the afternoon to the inaugural bbq on the little charcaol bbq setup i bought this week for the batch, it comprises of a little kettle bbq, a charcoal chimney to light the charcoal and a small butane camping stove for the chimney.

the yacht is the Salperton, you can charter it for a mere 145,000 euro per week if you like! at 147″ or 45m its a lot of boat, http://www.superyachts.com/yacht-charter/salperton-1556/

in other news, kai has started his own blog, you can see a link to it in the right hand frame in links, it is going to form part of his year 6 work this year, you can subscribe for email notifications of updates if you wish.

also i have added a forum to the server, i am moderating another forum and i had to learn a bot more coding, particularly for forums so the easiet way to learn is to do, hence seekrit squirrel was born. Its actually going to be a useful resource i think, conversatios about ideas, passions, things, places, etc can be better carried on in the forum, it also has a chat function if you scroll down and that means live real time chat if we are online at the time! Again the link is in the sidebar, you can sign up and you will ba able to add topics within the categories yourself, as well as replying to existing ones and using the chat feature.

please have a look and feel free to become involved!


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  1. Happy Birthday Kai,
    Sorry did not ring but has been a huge day as I flew to Adelaide as Strike team leader on Wed. night and then rain came so we drove the tankers home today 12 hr drive so very tired. Sounds like you had a good day, and got some good presents. Love Simon
    To dear kai,
    happy birthday and a happy new year and that u have a great day. Love from:Nick:)
    Hope you had a great day Kai, best wishes for the year ahead, safe travels and Happy Birthday from Jess.
    Happy Birthday Kai ,
    Hope you’ve had a great B’day and a happy New year. I would like to meet up again soon. Have a good holiday and enjoy your time in New Zealand. Love from Tim.
    Hello Kai,
    Happy Birthday dude! hope you have had a super day! We had a busy day with millie at the vet for a mucky eye and an infected tooth, (she is now on antibiotics and eye ointment), we had the Prado serviced and Jess Nick Tim and I all had dentist appointments.
    When we got home we had lunch then went walking in the paddock looking for good horse jumps for Jess.
    Hope NZ is fun and that you have met up with some other children to play with. The boys miss you a lot.
    Love from Annette

  2. Happy birthday to you, Kai, from here in Germany!
    All the best to you!
    Have a great day.

  3. My your adventures get betterer and betterer. Thanks for the sharing and Happy Happy Birthday Kai. When I returned to NZ in 1974-1980,I opened a very very sucessful restaurant called Caballe,in Federal St. I think it’s long gonebut some of your friends may recall it if they’re old enough. Fortunately some kean dude offered a pot of gold for it,which i took and duly spent. What a time.


    Ed and Paula

  4. Happy Birthday Kai, it looks as if you had a great day and great weather. On the day, we were off to pick up a heavy-duty trailer to go with the new ute. Geoff is going to be using both with his project of intensive farming on our land at Koonya. We also looked at a house to rent back down on the peninsula but that wasn’t the one. We’ll let you all know when and where we are moving … sometime later this year.
    Lots of love,

    Grammy and Pop

  5. You and your parents are welcome, any time you like, Kai.At the moment it is rather windy, rainy and cold again here in central Europe. So come in June-July-August.

  6. I think you’re old enough to understand choice…with presents, you would normaly thank those who gave them to you, but you didn’t choose them yourself and you probably would be adding extra luggage in your travels. With money, it is your choice (subject to your parent’s approval), to do what you wish with it…..Lots of Love and safe journey….Opa…:).

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