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bozburun harbour

bozburun harbour

i figure i better split this into two posts, one about the village of bozburun and one about the specific place we are staying, so here is the bozburun post!

i first heard about this town when researching for our drive down the south west coast of turkey, i came across a mention somewhere that alluded to the fact that bill gates had rated it as one of the world’s most beautiful spots. now as an apple man, and someone who regards windoze and M$ as the work of the devil incarnate, i wouldnt normally take any notice of what bill gates says.

lets face it though, if you were worth a rough $80b, you should have some idea of where the good spots are on this planet (and a few others in nearby solar systems), and hence my interest was piqued.

when we discovered we couldnt get the ferry from bodrum to kalymnos to visit the gove cafe because it doesnt run until the summer season after mid-june, we decided to skip bodrum and head to the next spot on our list – bozburun – based on no more than the hearsay opinion of one of the planet’s richest individuals.

it proved to be an inspired decision, this is truly one of the planets best spots. there are so few places like it. it has everything you need, ATM’s, fast internet, supermarkets with all the day to day essentials, local restaurants at local prices, fresh produce grown locally, BUT, almost no one knows about it, no big hotels, no masses of holiday homes (even the turks dont know about it.).

the locals still own and run the place, the owners where we are staying are a turkish family born and bred in bozburun, their son, fadil, married a french girl, laetitia, and she told us that as far as she knows she is the only local not born here!!

so the locals own the restaurants, bars, bakery, butcher, shops, pensions, boats and everything else. i cant think of anywhere other than nhulun that has this level of services and yet almost no tourism.

we are about 150m from the center of the village and right on the water, we can walk about 1.5km along the water front in one direction, back to the boat building yards the village is famous for, and in the other direction we can walk about 2km to another little boat harbour on the outside of the peninsular.

we actually just walk out the front door of our cottage, walk 10m across the front patio, under a grape vine and across the ‘street’ to the ‘wood beach’ and the waterfront.

anyway, enough about bozburun, next, the perfect little french cottage that has become our new home!



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  1. Can’t remember what said first time round! How lucky you found the info. re Bozburun and Bill Gates recommendation. It certainly looks picture perfect and wonderful that so few tourists seem to know about it. Mind you when the summer holidays really start it might be a bit busier. I particularly love all the boats, I wonder if you will get the chance to have a sail on any of them – maybe the owners are not about at present.The domed building in the village looks great – what is its purpose?

    • glad you sorted it out! It will be busier in July when the Turks take their holidays, but not much, its not well known and there is so little accommodation that its limited as to how busy it can get. I was talking to an English girl who lives in Istanbul who is staying at the pansiyon here and she said she has been at the height of the season and its still better than anywhere else.

      The boats mainly work out of Bodrum & Marmaris, they lay up here for the winter because of the protected harbour and the shipwrights to do refits etc.Most of them the masts are just for show, the boats are called ‘gulets’ and they are essentially big comfortable motor boats. Once the season starts most of them will go to the ports they work out of.

      The owner of the place we are staying has 2 nice, smaller gulets, and the cottage is already booked for 3 nights later in the month so we will probably go away with him for a few days exploring the local islands and bays.

      The ‘domed thing’ is the mosque! You will probably have a fatwah put on you for calling it a ‘domed thing’!

  2. I am so glad that your adventure possibilities have expanded to such an awsome extent, I’ts almost as if good luck and true adventure have combined to enable your trip to be the best possible.
    Also wishing Sally a happy Birthday,
    With lots of love to you all, Gerd.

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