Apr 062014

april  016 (1)well Putty gets a mention for a second week in a row! Putty, Sarah and Kasey joined us for dinner, following my successful fishing trip earlier in the week, we had a cook up on thursday night and i did the mangrove jack & golden snapper thai style – so whole crispy skin, wok fried with tamarind chilli sauce. its always been one of my favourite thai dishes but one i have never actually cooked myself. I was very happy with the result, its easy to prep and the sauce is very simple.

the other dish was one inspired by our slow boat trip down the mekong delta in vietnam, a banana blossom salad with coconut poached chicken, i had managed to pick up a banana blossom at the parap markets when we were in Darwin last weekend, so it was just a matter of poaching some organic chook breasts and making a nice spicy dressing, another dish that is simple to prepare and tastes great – as well as being something a bit different!

april  015 (1)the boys had a fun night together, no doubt involving lots of minecraft and skylanders! our dinner had a bit much spice for their palates so they enjoyed chicken wraps instead.

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  1. All looks very yummy!

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