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Minecraft is a sandbox game where if you have the imagination you can do what ever you want, there's things from building a hut to building a skyscraper! In minecraft there are 5 game modes creative, survival, spectator, adventure and hardcore, in creative you can do any thing you wish you can fly you have unlimited blocks and break blocks instantly  :D , where as in survival you start of with nothing and have to survive the nights from monsters! The first priority is to punch wood and make tools (creative and survival are the main game modes), in spectator you can fly but no one can see you and you can not interact with other players or blocks but you can go strait through blocks so if you like to cheat theres your loop hole :D , in adventure you can not break or place blocks but you can be seen and interact with others and blocks and last but not least Hardcore! Hardcore is similar to survival BUT if you die you can not go back on the world  hence the name "Hardcore" so good luck with that!
if you do not have an account go to it does cost around 25 AU dollars but its defiantly  worth it because you will never have to pay again :D and I have played it for about 2-3 years now and still haven't payed so there you go no more money :D!



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Re: Minecraft!
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check out Kai's post about minecraft on his blog,