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Video to Instagram
« on: December 28, 2016, 09:29:03 PM »
Due to Instagrams limitations on only being able to post from mobile devices and the limited video editing available on iOS I have been trying to get my head round an easy path to doing it.

Up until now I havent had sufficient reason to do so, but in my coffee obsession I am experimenting with slo-mo videos of my pours on the Izzo Pompeii to try to work out whether I can detect any difference in flavour profile with different quality pours from a visual point of view and I wanted to post them to my arnhem coffee instagram account.

So here is the workflow,

  • shoot video on iPhone
  • Import into Lightroom
  • right click on video and click on "Show in Finder"
  • Open iMovie and create new project
  • Click on Import Media and navigate to the video on Hard Drive as per step 3
  • Import and edit as desired, adding titles, transitions etc
  • Go to new project and click on the symbol beside movie name, click on Share Project, File and navigate to the iMovie folder in iCloud Drive and share.
  • On iPhone, open iCloud Drive and click on the Share icon and then select Save Video, this will add the edited movie to the end of your camera roll.
  • On iPhone open Squareready for Video and add video, then export to Instagram, thats it! all done!!

Its also possible to skip the use of Squareready and do the same thing in AfterEffects, but I cant really see any point. Here is a tutorial if you are interested.
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