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Saving Waypoints and Editing, Simrad
« on: June 25, 2017, 03:14:25 PM »
So its possible to edit marks, waypoints, routes etc on the computer with a bit of extra software, i needed to install something called Open CPN,

Link click here

Next we need to get the waypoints etc off the plotter, with the chart micro SD Card in the plotter, go to settings and files and navigate to the waypoints, routes and marks, then you can export this file, it will ask you for a location, create a folder called SAVES on the SD Card and export the data to that, you need to select .gpx as the export format.

Then put the micro SD Card into a SD card holder and plug it into the computer, open up Open CPN and in the menu bar, go to tools and "Route and Mark Manager, then click on the Import GPX button and find the file on the Micro SD Card, import to the app.

You can now see all the marks and edit names etc and then export them back to the SD Card when you are finished.

Then delete all waypoints from plotter and import from SD Card.
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