Aug 212012

today was an amazing day, on what has been a fantastic holiday! we got up early and after a hot breakfast we headed across to catch our helicopter to the glaciers.

I have been on a few helicopter rides, I have even done some flying lessons in a chopper, but this was something else, sadly there is no way the photos can do justice to the experience of flying a chopper past those vertical walls of rock, snow and ice as you fly up from the bottom of the glaciers, up to the neve where the snow forms into ice to start the glacier, and then across and around the peak of Mt Cook.

it was breathtaking, magnificent, awe inspiring, slightly scary, humbling, fabulous and incredible – yet that doesnt start to tell you the story of just how amazing it was, right up there as one of the best experiences of my life!

I could just put 50 photos up and try to let them tell the story – but it wouldnt work, it truly is one of those moments where I can honestly say, “you had to be there!”

I will get the rest of the images up on our web gallery here, i think Sal & Kai had just as much of a fat time as me!

we spent about 10 minutes up on top of Fox Glacier and with a nice fall or fresh powder snow overnight it was lots of fun!

somehow we managed to add to the day by spending the rest of it at the hot pools in franz joseph, sal had an hour massage and kai and i enjoyed the various hot pools until sal joined us after her massage. although the pools themselves are fibreglass with local rocks incorporated, the setting in the ferny rain forest made it memorable.

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