Apr 272014

glamping  006they say a picture paints a thousand words, so in light of the photo of the glorious sunset over mallison island from nyinyikay, i shall try to keep the words to a minimum!

over about 30 minutes it just kept getting more intense and each “WOW!” was shortly followed by another as the horizon lit up, then the water turned to pink and gold and finally the clouds caught on fire.

we were back at nyinyikay to pack up and clean up after last weeks film shoot, this time sal & kai came with me, between rain showers sal & I packed up all the tents, stretcher beds and bedding as well as cleaning up the camp. we were able to stay in the house again so it was definitely ‘glamping’ as we did bring out tents but they remained unused!

the ‘glamping’ caravel got a run, reinforcing how amazing these little machines are, a 50 year old italian espresso machine that still turns out gorgeous sweet shots of coffee nectar.

glamping  009the ‘glamping’ theme continued with kai initiating a marshmallow cook up with the other kids, he helped gather firewood and with lighting the soggy fire with loads of paper bark and buckets of excitement. it was all too exciting to wait until after dinner!

something must have been wrong with the phase of the moon, or the way i cut my hair, because contrary to last weekend, the fishing was dead quiet, it didnt matter where we went or what time of day, we couldnt raise a fish, which for somewhere as fishy as this is something else! it also seemed to start raining everytime we went for a fish, which was not unpleasant given the lack of wind and tropical heat.

i must admit it was one of the rare times in my life where i enjoyed fishing – normally i only enjoy catching fish, not fishing – but the landscape at the top of arnhem bay is just so beautiful that standing on a rock taking it all in while futilely flicking lures is a not unpleasant pasttime.

luckily my last session on the rocks at the end of the beach in front of the house, (in steady rain!), produced a decent fish at last and i threw a nice little barra in the esky to take home for dinner tonite!

glamping  010

driving home we came across a pair of buffalo having a quiet afternoon soak in one of the creek crossings, they were less than amused about the rude interruption of a landcruiser bearing down on them and took off ahead of us down the track.

in closing, a few more shots of the incredible sunset, i couldnt decide which was the best shot, so i have culled it down to the best few!



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  1. What a magnificent spot and how lucky are you all to be able to enjoy all this scenery? Glad you didn’t come any closer to the buffalos! What with crocodiles and buffalos it is quite a place. Glad you caught at least one fish! I wonder what makes the difference to the quantity, is it weather or tides or just the fact that they realised they weren’t going to risk that spot again or they might get caught! X to all

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