Apr 072012

yes, it was a pretty good friday, we had a bit of a sleep in which meant we missed the high tide so fishing was off the agenda so we just packed a lunch, a few beers and ourselves and headed out for the day.

we snuck across to a spot called Policeman’s Bay on Cape Arnhem, years ago you used to be able to drive there and camp, but now the only access is by boat. we arrived to find we had the beach to ourselves and setup under the shade of the lovely big paperbarks that grow on the edge of the beach.

i got a nice bucketful of mullet with the cast net, we did a bit of beachcombing, had a swim, ate lots, quaffed a beer or two and generally had a good friday!

if you look closely you can see sal and the picnic gear under the shade of the paperbarks, more pics over in our webgallery.


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