Jan 292014

yesterday we took kai to kid’s city which is a 11 storey building with couloured glass walls full of kids activities, it even has cambodia’s first and only ice skating rink.

first up we hit the laser tag game, needless to say in a game that involved hunting and shooting each other in a dark building, my skills came to the fore and I won with the most points! it was a lot of fun, although after 25mins of it we were all shagged!

then we went to the science floors which had a lot of very good interactive exhibits, all sorts of displays from electricity, to levers, pulleys, gravity, balance, hearing, sight, puzzles, magnetism and so on. nearly everyone there was a way for kai to be physically involved in demonstrating the scientific principle and to learn something more about it.

finally we went to the ‘clip & climb’ floor, this was definitely the highlight for kai and we spent a couple of hours here, he climbed most of the huge structures to the top, i made it to the top of one and sal climbed about halfway up a few. the abseil down was the most fun, and a good incentive to make the climb to the top!

we skipped the ice skating as we were not dressed for the icy conditions!

here are a couple of short videos of the kai monkey in action!

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  1. Hey Kai! Extraordinary! Well done!
    love Grammy

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