Mar 092013

inspired by the wonderful chefs in the cooking show of the season, “Two Greedy Italians”, i decided to cook their ‘Ndundari con salsa di pomodoro e basilico’ which translates as ricotta dumplings with a tomato and basil sauce.


it is a truly simple recipe with a minimum of ingredients in the best tradition of italian cuisine, it takes about 10 minutes to make and is quite similar to gnocchi.

if you get a chance to watch these two marvellous old men revisiting the country of their birth and revelling in the fresh food and the history of food, family and friends while all the time carrying on like a couple of 5 year old playmates then do yourself a favour and sit down on the couch with a nice glass of red and soak it all up!

Ndundari (2)

you can see the similarity to gnocchi at this stage of preparation, for the full recipe follow this link, Recipe

with a glass of rough bordeaux and a sprinkle of parmesan the meal was cast, the chilli in the simple tomato and basil sauce gave the dish an extra dimension, it would be a terrific sauce with any pasta. the only missing element was some nice crusty ciabatta to scrape up the leftover sauce with!

Ndundari (1)


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