Aug 282012

i just realised that i missed posting an update about Nelson, beside the rugby game. we had 3 days here and really enjoyed it, such a pretty town with lots to do and see. we finally found great coffee in NZ, like australia there are very few cafes that have any idea about really making a good coffee.

but a little cafe called kush certainly pulls it off, great coffee, nice old “Has Garanti” roaster in the shop, friendly and very skilled baristas, wait staff and roaster makes for a memorable cafe!

kai most enjoyed his friendly neighbour, Kaye who runs an electric bike hire business and let kai run riot on her little electric scooter.

we stayed in a cute little 2 storey apartment in south st which is the oldest complete st in Nelson with rows of pretty little workers cottages, after pulling out from Nelson we drove across to havelock for mussels for lunch and then along queen charlotte drive to picton which is another amazing piece of coastal driving in NZ.

after a good look around picton we drove down to blenheim and picked up ben, jeremy’s 6 year old nephew, from his nanna and went back to their farm in waihopai valley to have a few days with jeremy’s sister raych, her partner mike , ben & mr pig pig.

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  1. So glad you found a suitable coffee! We gathered from your lack of comment there was not much of quality available and were worrying you might be suffering withdrawal symptoms! Kai that electric scooter looked fantastic – was it very noisy or one of those quiet electric motors?

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