Nov 242014

3tas 1so this party was an amazing feat of organisation and planning, i am not sure that geoff and mahni would have taken it on if they realised just what an enormous amount of work it was going to entail!

the outcome was just amazing though, geoff managed to secure a recently closed restaurant in downtown hobart to host the party so all the facilities required were avsailable, the invitations went out and about 70 of mahni’s close friends and family gathered from all over the country to celebrate her life and birthday.

geoff arranged friends from his work at the migrant resource center, so we had the most amazing sri lankan cuisine which was the perfect choice for such a night.

there was also a 3 piece jazz band and geoff and jessie did a couple of songs as well.

it was just a perfect night and i am sure its a party none of will forget in a long time!


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  1. Thank you Rick, I am so glad you captured it! In all the organising, we didn’t even think about photos. And I’m glad you and Sal and Kai were here with us to enjoy the evening.

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