Mar 172013

march (6)….and better the next!

saturday was a beautiful day, i went barra fishing with mark in the morning, we had no success but it was a lovely windless, tropical day.

today promised to be even better so sal, kai & i headed off north to a spot off cape wilberforce to try our luck, i expected this spot to fish well at about 10:30am on wards until the tide stopped running just before lunch. we had a great run up the coast with flat water, a very light breeze and bright sunshine.

marchwe pulled up on the spot and set the electric trolling motor to ‘anchor’ us on the spot, this saves having to drop and pull anchor and is really helpful with small isolated ground such as this reef. the motor has its own GPS and holds you aver the mark allowing for wind and tide.

the bite was on straight away and we caught some nice small mouth nannygai, a beautiful coral trout (above) and a couple of pan sized golden snapper.

march (3)after the bite went off, we motored round into elizabeth bay and stopped for a beer and lunch, the water stayed flat and the light breeze gave just enough relief from the heat. so after a leisurely lunch and a refreshing swim we headed home along the coast, kai had a great day and helped with driving the boat, pulling up the anchor, cutting up bait for us when we were fishing and it made for a lovely family sunday.

we dont get many days as good as this when we are all off work and school and we are able to enjoy it together so it was a bonus to be able to make the most of it and catch some nice fish!

march (4)first mate, kai, at the helm!




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