Dec 192014
nz2  001

lion rock from the front of the bach

we awoke to a glorious sunny morning this morning, then the wind dropped away and an amazing sea fog rolled in, this is the view out the front of jeremy’s bach and you can see lion rock, or te piha, shrouded in fog out the front of piha.

kai and I went down to the beach for a walk and play, it was quite eerie with the sea fog rolling off the sea and up the beach, meanwhile people were swimming and surfing and generally enjoying the beach.

nz2  002

te piha shrouded in sea mist

you can just make out te piha in the background, kai and I climbed to the top, well as far as you are allowed to go – a good workout for the calves!

i walked up to the end of north piha beach while kai played on the beach, a good morning routine I think!

nz2  009the northern end of north piha beach

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