Jul 052013

i woke up at lunch time after my sleep following night shift and for some reason i was filled with un seasonal energy and enthusiasm! remembering i had a kilo of beautiful wagyu mince beef in the fridge i thought i would whip up a batch of burgers for dinner.

hamburglaryou can see the colour of the meat here, nothing fancy, some fried onion, 2 eggs, parsley and seasoning. i reckon you could have eaten the uncooked the beef was so good!

i realised i had the makings for some bread as well so i made a batch of bread rolls and caramelised some spanish onions. that was about it, a hot roll, sploosh of aioli, slice of swiss cheese, lettuce and beetroot and balsamic jam and dinner was done!

if you missed our recent trip to bali, i blogged about it on our balibliss blog, http://balibliss.tumblr.com

hamburglar (1)