Aug 262015
the view across the diary to the lake and on to the alps.

the view across the diary to the lake and on to the alps.

so after the som family returned from their seattle soujourn we had the rest of the week with them before hiring another car and heading out to hombrechtikon on the north side of lake zürich to house sit christian’s borther’s house for a week.

it was a lovely property with views across the fields to the lake and mountains in the background, the constant clanging of the cowbells reminded us of their presence and the wafting smell of fresh cow poo was ever present in varying degrees! there was a big dairy directley beneath the house and the actual village was just a km or so away.

there were lovely walking and bike tracks all around the area and I got a little bit of desparatley needed exercise!

the house itself was extremely comfortable and we didnt venture too far, very often.

one thing that fascinated me was the bomb shelter in the cellar, although the house was built in the 70’s it was still mandatory to include a bomb shelter when building then – in fact its only recently that it was no longer required – so the most neutral country in europe, that had not been involved in any of the wars in the last 100 years plus, was so paranoid that they prepared for a nuclear holocaust up until recently!

anyway, we had a very peaceful and relaxing time in hombrechtikon, the only times we left really was to go to a town called rapperswil at the end of the lake – but it deserves a blog post of its own!