Aug 032015

benji, mie and jonas at legoland

as denmark is the home of lego and we were only a couple of hours from the first legoland in billund, jutland, we decided a visit with the kids was imperative. mie managed to get hold of free ticket coupons for all the kids which was a big help because its certainly not a cheap day out!

we packed a picnic lunch and headed across to legoland on saturday, kai has now visited 2 of the legolands in the world as we also did the one in malaysia in early 2014 when we were there. the danish one is also very impressive, if much busier that the one in malaysia. the kids all seemed to have a ball, lots of stomach churning and exciting rides as well as loads of amazing lego models.

the highlight is the biggest lego model in the world, an x-wing fighter from star wars that is 13m long, 13m wide, 3.35m high, weighs nearly 21 tonnes, used 5,335,200 lego blocks to build and took a team of 32 builders, 17,366 hours or 4 months to build!

the other highlight this week was ida and kai making cinnamon snails, it is quite a process and they found a recipe online and then transcribed it from danish into english so kai could have a copy, before starting their baking. it looks like both have inherited a passion for the kitchen from their fathers!

Jan 122014

a lovely bunch of coconuts

well you might ask what coconuts have to with legoland, nothing really! they were lying beside the grill in the restaurant we had breakfast in and i snapped a pic of them. we went back for another murtabak daging, although sal had a roti telur (roti with an egg in it),

murtabak daging

at least i remembered a photo before eating all of it! accompanied with a glass of nescafe with condensed milk, not quite the same flavour profile as a latte out of my italian lever espresso machine! i have made a little video of the roti making, quite a skill –

so then it was in the taxi and off to legoland, kai had a ball, sal won a huge angry birds stuffed toy by winning one of those silly fairground throwing challenges that no one normally wins! click on the ‘i’ in the top left hand corner to see the photo descriptions.