Jan 182014

sal and i had a delicious meal of indian street food in little india last night, chook curry, duck curry, dahl, vege curry and chapatis washed down with a cup of chi, about $8 ozzie.

we were woken this morning by the call to prayers from the local mosque, a form of terrorism that is singularly effective, especially with modern amplifying systems!

breakfast was roti teluh (roti with eggs and onion), dahl and beef curry, kai had plain roti and the breakfast cost us about $4! absolutely yummy and a great start to the morning, we then wandered down to the foreshore and the old fort which allowed kai to burn off some pent up energy!

Jan 172014

today we said goodbye to KL, joe & christian and headed north to penang in our hire car, it was a recent model toyota camry and kai rated it about a 9 out of 10 for accessories! we had a great run up to penang, dropped into ipoh for lunch and sat on about 140kmh most of the way, boy has that road improved since last time i was on it!!

holP (1)

this is the most extreme example of camber i have ever seen on a car, this guy was doing about 130kmh up the highway, only appeared to have a small amount of trouble getting around gentle bends, i have no idea how far he was going, but he would be needing a new set of rear tyres when he got there!

we also stopped a couple of times at the rest stops for a pee on the way up, they are a thing, huge carparks full of hundreds of cars and trucks, parking guards to direct you, many hundreds of people swarming through the shops and stalls for food and drinks and massive toilet blocks, very clean, no waiting and there seems to be one of these every 20km or so! amazingly efficient and functional.

we arrived at our little apartment in the world heritage area of georgetown early afternoon, it certainly lives up to the description on the website,

very comfortable and tastefully furnished, you can see more about the project on their website, http://www.straitscollection.com.my/index.htm

a quick walk around the precinct of our apartment reminded me of what a photographer’s paradise georgetown is, here is just a few quick snaps from our first wander around,

as usual, click on the ‘i’ to read the image description


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