Jan 192014

this morning we found a new place for breakfast, very good roti teluh (roti with egg). i made a little video of the guy making the teh tarik which is the indian hot drink made with tea, condensed and evapourated milk. they pour it as you can see in the video to make it skightly foamy and reduce the temperature for drinking. for some unknown reason its the perfect accompaniment to  spicy food!

we decided to walk down to the waterfront and catch the ferry across to Butterworth for lunch today, I assumed there would be great hawker food on the Butterworth side because all the buses and trains are arriving there for people to catch the ferry across to penang, it proved to be the case and we had another excellent meal. the highlight for me was actually a salad made with salted cucumber slices, chilli, pineapple and shallots!

this is the stall we got our plate of food from, dont you wish we had food like this in australia at the bus stop!

holp3 (4)the net here is very slow tonite so i wont put too many images up, but we finished lunch and caught the next ferry back to penang, sal went off to get her hair done and kai and i moved apartments to the one next door as we couldnt stay in one for the whole 4 nights so we are doing 2 in each. very similar to the one next door, a little bigger with 2 bedrooms and different antiques inside.

for dinner we headed down to a big night market we had spotted when we went to catch the ferry at lunchtime, once again our eyes were bigger than our tummies!

holp3 (6) the net is very slow here tonite so i will post some more pics when it speeds up again! ok net back up so here are the rest of the images from yesterday, as usual, click on the ‘i’ in the top left corner of the image to see the caption.

Jan 182014

sal and i had a delicious meal of indian street food in little india last night, chook curry, duck curry, dahl, vege curry and chapatis washed down with a cup of chi, about $8 ozzie.

we were woken this morning by the call to prayers from the local mosque, a form of terrorism that is singularly effective, especially with modern amplifying systems!

breakfast was roti teluh (roti with eggs and onion), dahl and beef curry, kai had plain roti and the breakfast cost us about $4! absolutely yummy and a great start to the morning, we then wandered down to the foreshore and the old fort which allowed kai to burn off some pent up energy!