Jun 212015



we arrived in selimiye late afternoon after a really wonderful days sailing and found anchorage in the bay, it was our last stop before returning the yacht to marti marina, so it was a little sad, but we were also happy to be back in selimiye. kai and i hooked the paddle board up to the tender and i dragged him round the harbour!

sal and i had another lovely meal at sardunya restaurant, where we had been for her birthday, and then the following day we had a leisurely start for the short sail round into the next bay and back to orhaniye to return zambak to her home. we had to be fuelled up and back in the pen by 5:30pm and then we could stay onboard until 9am the next morning.

the marina services were very good, they had amazing showers – we all had very long, hot showers! it also has a lovely big swimming pool and a few restaurants, we chose to eat at the one beside the pool for our last night.

by lunchtime we were back in our cottage in bozburun, it truly felt like we had arrived home and i got a sense of how sad we are going to be to leave when we head to germany in a week or so!

anyway here is a last motley collection of images from the week on zambak!

Jun 042015


yesterday was sal’s birthday, 21 again! we started the day with breakfast in bed, a big omelette made with eggs from the chooks at the house here. then we set off in the car to visit marti marina and look into chartering a yacht for a week.

after that we drove across the bozburun peninsula to a little place called çiftlik and had lunch there before driving up the coast through more amazing, steep, rocky country to the village of söğüt which is the next one around to the east from bozburun and has a very good seafood restauant we wanted to find for another day.

after an afternoon rest sal and i drove into selimiye for dinner at a waterside restaurant the owners of the pansiyon had recommended to us, called sardunya. we had a lovely meal there and it capped off a lovely day of celebration of sal’s special day.

at the end of the meal i asked for the bill and they instead brought out an amazing birthday fruit salad replete with sparkler and a tea candle on a lemon inside a hollowed out tomato! we squeezed in as much as could of the fresh cherries, strawberries, watermelon, rock melon, apricots and banana!