Feb 192012

rob & jane are leaving the art’s centre at yirrkala and we decided to have a farewell dinner for them at our place, the original idea had been to have it at their house but they had pretty well packed up for the move so we figured it would be easier at ours, they were keen to cook up a mexican storm so i got some fish & prawns out to add to the mix and rob & jane brought over the rest of the doings. jane made corn flour tortillas and i grilled them on the weber.

rob made a couple of yummy, spicy mexican sauces and fried some leeks off as well as making up bowls of salad bits, herbs, chillies and a spicy mayo.

i grilled the fish and marinated and grilled the prawns and we pigged out on tortillas, beers and margaritas (which sal whipped up.)

due to the copious amounts of alcohol consumed, rob & jane decided to stay the night and we finished the visit off with eggs benedict for breakfast this morning!


Jan 242012


following the success of my weber smokey mountain cooker over the last couple of years, I have been developing the idea of building a portable char grill that also has gas ignition to make the lighting process easy and fast. I had scoured websites and BBQ forums looking for a commercially available, small, portable char grill with gas ignition and I could find nothing that was small enough for what I wanted.

so i decided the only solution was to build my own, i bought a portable weber grill and got a BBQ burner to suit, one of those long rectangular burners that go in a traditional big gas BBQ, I couldnt find a valve to suit that would mount in the new BBQ but eventually found one that was meant for a portable gas ring that would screw thru the wall of the weber and suit the purpose.

having sorted the gas supply problem, I then had to raise the grill that the charcoal sits on to allow for the height of the gas burner, I also had to drill the hole for the gas valve to screw into and it turned out i had to cut about 5mm off the end of the burner where the jet inserted into it to make the burner short enough to fit inside.

with a fair bit of stainless steel tie wire and a few bolts i got the whole setup in place and then inserted a rectangle of stainless steel woven mesh over the grill to stop the smaller coals from falling through – something I had also done on the big grill previously.

finally it was just a matter of hooking it up to the gas bottle, sticking a long reach lighter in thru one of the air vents and igniting the gas, 5 minutes later the charcoal had caught and i turned the gas off, 10 minutes and it was ready for the first grilling – some dubious marinated chook bits from IGA – they actually came up pretty well! and so the “PORTAWEBER” was born