Apr 242012



this weekend we chartered a local boat, the hama pearl ii and set off for the Wessel Islands for a few days, joining myself, sally & kai were our friends will, dhalulu, siena, arian, melissa and billy. the trip was a sort of 50th birthday trip for will & I to drag out the celebration of our century.

the plan was to head to burston bay on the south east side of marchinbar island for the 3 days, but due to a bit of swell we decided to move that night around to the north and sheltered side of marchinbar to a bay called jensen bay.

basically we spent 3 days exploring, hunting, fishing, eating, drinking, talking, resting and generally having an amazing time!

we left jensen bay on monday morning and steamed back to the hole in the wall and came thru there mid morning, before pulling up at the waterfall pictured above on raragala island.

the kids had a ball, as can be seen in this shot at the lagoon at burston bay.

the hama pearl ii was a perfect boat for the trip, air conditioned down below, lots of room, a fully equipped galley and 2 tinnies for running around. the crew, brad & marty, were fantastic and nothing was too much trouble for them – we will definitely be booking them again!

the weather really turned it on for us too, despite my fears it might blow up, it actually just got better and better, clear days, light breezes and no swell – very lucky for this late in april.

there are heaps of photos on our web gallery so pop over and have a look there.

finally, the trip was made totally awesome by arian popping the question to melissa on sunday evening, while they were out in one of the tinnies having a sight see and fish.  luckily the answer was ‘yes’, so he brought her back in the tinny!

congratulations to the beautiful couple!

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  1. Hi Rick, I am in Gove nest weekend at GDH, are you around. love the Burstan Bay photos, did you fing all of the other art work in the cave and under the trees?

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