May 172020


well its been eleventy months since i updated the blog, more than a year in fact. what a whirlwind of a year, sal was diagnosed with, treated for and recovered from breast cancer, kai started playing rugby union and ended up representing the NT, playing two years above his age group, we all went down to melbourne for a relly run and sal & kai went on to tassie as well.

sal and i spent over a month living in darwin while she had radiation treatment.

livo & katie came up in feb and we had our annual week pilgrimage to bawaka fishing and camping.

kai started a school based apprenticeship in carpentry with a local construction company., sadly one of my fathers passed away, bob matches, the epitome of a gentleman, left us in march.

then kai’s beloved rugby coach passed away suddenly leaving another huge hole in his life. snogga had been an absolute legend in our town, not just for his tireless work with rugby but also with the surf club, and as captain of the fire services.

of course we have also had our world changed forever by the impact of cover-19 – we got off lightly here with no cases, but the impacts of lockdown have kept sal working from home for a couple of months and stopped our travel plans for this year.

i have created a movie slideshow of the last year or so, and I will try to post more often going forward!

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  1. I can’t get the movie slide show to play so am unable to comment Maybe it is my computer or maybe just me!!

    • Strange, you should just click on the play arrow and it will load and play.The background of the arrow goes blue as you move the mouse curser onto it, then click!

  2. Yay. We made the highlights 🙂 Loved every photo and only wish we were back up visiting.

  3. stay safe and sound! Good to hear that you, Sally, have recovered from your cancer! Hope to see you in July, if not, well, some time later, anyway. lets stay optimistic in these times of many roller coasters, the outcomes of which are still very unknown-but we will make it!

    • Hi Carl, look forward to seeing you, I somehow doubt it will be this year! Give our love to Dorethea as well.

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