Sep 242016

flying home

that was the view out the window, nearly 12 months ago as we flew home from europe via singapore. its hard to believe nearly a year has passed – nearly as long as we were away for – since we returned home.

i have been very lax with the blog and our lives have instead been largely documented on instagram! i thought i best try a post to see if i could remember how i compile a post!

the last 6 months has been a revolving door of friends staying with us, jeremy & leesi from NZ via bali, tetsj from japan, carl from germany, michiel, boki & dali from the netherlands, ricardo & susana  from portugal via the netherlands, peter phipps and his son surya from melbourne via garma, kade, annie & the boys from melbourne via garma, phil o’brien, territory legend and elisa guittet, fabulous french actress and singer!

rick’s bar and grill has been busy, many wonderful meals with fantastic friends, vicarious travel for us and plenty of good wine and cold beer!


we are back on our own for the moment, and while its nice to have the house to ourselves I suspect the novelty will soon wear off and we will be looking forward to our next lot of visitors!

well i seem to have worked out how to create galleries and otherwise format a blog post so i will leave you with a few more pics and a promise to update a bit more frequently!


Jul 052013

i woke up at lunch time after my sleep following night shift and for some reason i was filled with un seasonal energy and enthusiasm! remembering i had a kilo of beautiful wagyu mince beef in the fridge i thought i would whip up a batch of burgers for dinner.

hamburglaryou can see the colour of the meat here, nothing fancy, some fried onion, 2 eggs, parsley and seasoning. i reckon you could have eaten the uncooked the beef was so good!

i realised i had the makings for some bread as well so i made a batch of bread rolls and caramelised some spanish onions. that was about it, a hot roll, sploosh of aioli, slice of swiss cheese, lettuce and beetroot and balsamic jam and dinner was done!

if you missed our recent trip to bali, i blogged about it on our balibliss blog,

hamburglar (1)



Nov 252012

tonite was a fine night for tempura, so i whipped up a batch of batter, peeled some prawns and grabbed a bunch of asparagus!

my batter is half plain flour, half corn flour, soda water added and slightly stirred to make a thin and lumpy batter, another bowl of just plain flour for dusting prior to dipping items in the batter.

dipping sauce is some dashi, saki, mirin, soy and water.

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Jul 202012

the season for mud crabs is here and we have been getting some crackers, although these ones were not the result of a few hours slogging thru the mangroves fighting off crocs, mozzies and sandflies – we actually bought a box of crabs from a local professional as VJ wanted to cook some to take to relatives.

I have been tempting him for some time with stories of my chilli mud crabs and he had cast doubt on my ability to prepare a  suitably impressive version of the classic dish – challenge ON!

i think i can safely say “achievement unlocked” on that score!

i had only cooked the claws in the chilli sauce so today I boiled up all the bodies and picked out all the meat, i decided to make a mudcrab and prawn ravioli, so i mixed up the crab, prawns, dill, parsley and sheeps cheese with an egg and then filled ravioli with the mix and cooked them.

as a sauce i just did a simple wine reduction with a few fresh herbs & shallots and then made it up with cream. crab ravioli a la ricky

there is just no bad way to have mud crab in my opinion, its hard to beat when its freshly caught and poked in the coals of the fire at the beach, it gets that lovely smokey flavour through it and seems the sweeter for being so fresh.

but there is nothing wrong with it boiled and slapped on hot white bread rolls with lashings of lime and chilli mayo – and not forgetting chilli mud crab, one of the all time classics and the specialty of ‘rick’s bar & grill’ – eggs arnhem land. (muffin, poached egg, mudcrab meat and hollandaise sauce.)

anyway, here are all the images from the two meals in a slideshow,


Feb 192012

rob & jane are leaving the art’s centre at yirrkala and we decided to have a farewell dinner for them at our place, the original idea had been to have it at their house but they had pretty well packed up for the move so we figured it would be easier at ours, they were keen to cook up a mexican storm so i got some fish & prawns out to add to the mix and rob & jane brought over the rest of the doings. jane made corn flour tortillas and i grilled them on the weber.

rob made a couple of yummy, spicy mexican sauces and fried some leeks off as well as making up bowls of salad bits, herbs, chillies and a spicy mayo.

i grilled the fish and marinated and grilled the prawns and we pigged out on tortillas, beers and margaritas (which sal whipped up.)

due to the copious amounts of alcohol consumed, rob & jane decided to stay the night and we finished the visit off with eggs benedict for breakfast this morning!


Jan 122012


in cricketing parlance, i have reached my half century, yesterday being 50 years since i drew my first breath. its been a good innings, a few false shots, a couple of streaky edges thru the slip cordon, some lovely shots of the front foot, lost a couple of my early partners to good catches and sharp run outs, but now with my current partner we are building a solid partnership and the runs are flowing…..a little too quickly!  With a bit of luck there are quite a few runs in us yet, not sure I will get a century on this wicket, not many do, but a good 70 or 80 will do me.

mind you this morning i am certainly feeling the effects of the bouncer I took on the helmet, my head is pounding and i seem to need lots of water.

my intention had actually been to let this one slip under the radar and make as little fuss over it as possible, but due to a technical oversight on my part, i failed slightly. what happened was that i got far too much seafood out of the freezer when i decided to cook a nice birthday dinner for sal and myself, so i was then forced to ask a few friends round to help us out with eating our way thru all the food!

i decided to cook tempura seafood and vegetables and darryl and nicole turned up with a couple of bowls of homemade sorbet for desert, john and tomo arrived with a yummy entree of fried pork meatballs and sal had made a lounge room picnic for the kids, we had beer, wine, sake and muscat to lubricate the evening.

it was fantastic to have tomoko show me the correct consistency and mix of the tempura batter, and her help in prepping and cooking the large amount of veges and seafood was invaluable, we had shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, eggplant and ‘cakes’ made with julienne carrots, zuccini and onion. the seafood was prawns, scallops and oysters.

so in the end i had a lovely birthday party, despite my intention to avoid one all together, doing what I love – cooking for friends that love cooking and eating themselves, lots of stories, laughs and that fantastic feeling that comes with sharing life with great friends.

for all the images from last night head over to our gallery, HERE