Nov 292014

KI2  003we rose yesterday to a stunning king island spring day, after a leisurely sleep in, and decided that it was the perfect day to head out on the boat for a fish. we hooked up with a couple of andrew & di’s neighbours, dave and tim, and rendevoued at the boat ramp. we launched and set off for christmas and new years island which lay just off the coast from the blake house.

the plan was for the boys, andrew, tim & dave to go diving while i took the girls and kai to the beach on christmas island – as keen as i am to get in the water and kill things, the water temp in bass strait is below my threshold!

we found a sheltered cove and had a fat old time, the girls sunbathed on the beach while kai and i scrambled over the rocks exploring the coastline, like two rock monkeys. well one rock monkey and one slightly overweight old man.

meanwhile the hunters were hard at work collecting abalone and crayfish, all of the catch was very kindly donated to our household so i shall be doing a big seafood cookup over the weekend.

after getting back in and cleaning up we got ready to head out for a highlight of the king island social calendar, the Sustainable Agricultural Fund’s Annual Christmas hoe down at the old reekara school, it seemed most of king island’s population turned out for the 2 spit roasted pigs, chargrilled lambs, and wallaby haunchs as well as about 10m of salads laid out on tables.

we got to meet a lot of the very friendly and welcoming locals and kai had a ball running round all night with the local kids. the pork was perfect, and the lamb and wallaby cooked on the Argentinean grill was as good as I have ever had.

the Argentinean grill was interesting because as you will see in the photos, they have a very low level charcoal layer under the meat, but the main cooking is done by the fire on top of the grill, this means there are no flare ups of fire from dripping fat as the meat cooks.


Apr 072012

yes, it was a pretty good friday, we had a bit of a sleep in which meant we missed the high tide so fishing was off the agenda so we just packed a lunch, a few beers and ourselves and headed out for the day.

we snuck across to a spot called Policeman’s Bay on Cape Arnhem, years ago you used to be able to drive there and camp, but now the only access is by boat. we arrived to find we had the beach to ourselves and setup under the shade of the lovely big paperbarks that grow on the edge of the beach.

i got a nice bucketful of mullet with the cast net, we did a bit of beachcombing, had a swim, ate lots, quaffed a beer or two and generally had a good friday!

if you look closely you can see sal and the picnic gear under the shade of the paperbarks, more pics over in our webgallery.


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