Feb 272021
heading out hunting

heading out hunting

At the end of year 11 Kai won the Lynne Walker Literature Prize at school, this is the piece that won him the prize. The words in italics are from a poem that Djawa (Timmy) Burrrawanga’s mother in law, Gelung Gondarra Bukulatjpi wrote when he was born, about him. My proudest moment as a father.




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  1. Be so proud.
    I’m amazed just reading these works.
    Literature Prize; rightly for what is a heart felt piece written by incredible Kai Dhonyin Gurruwiwi Mooney.
    And an enduring sacred writ by Gelung Gondarra Bukulatjpi.

    Very special hat trick

    • Yep, I had no idea of what he had written knew he won the prize, he never made any fuss about it, this week he sent an email to share the piece with Sal, presumably so she could show family in Tassie, tonite i opened it to see what was in the email and just got blown away.

      This hands off parenting really works!

  2. Congratulations, Kai!
    Another talent coming up!

  3. How beautiful Rick. Xxxx

  4. How beautiful Rick. Xxxx love this

  5. A young man of many talents, good work you two. Looking forward to catching up in a few weeks

  6. So very proud of this young man and well done and much love to all involved … what a world these ‘youngers’ will bring about.

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