Mar 132023

After nearly 1 month of rain and cloudy weather, we finally had a fine, clear, blue sky day. It was basically calm all day so sailing was out of the list of things to do, so it was hook up Dave’s boat and head out for a bottom fish. We ran up to Miller Island on the end of the English Company Islands and fished some marks we have up there, we cleaned up and stopped fishing by about 11am!

A nice swim on the beach at Miller Island and some lunch before heading home. Sal killed it, she got two stonking Golden Snapper and a big Red Emperor. I got 4 pan sized Nannagai.

Definitely one of our better days fishing! We then had crispy skin Golden Snapper for dinner and our friend Cheryl who is up for a visit to Gove, joined us for the feast!

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  1. Nice job Sal the Slayer,looking forward to July

  2. What an amazing catch Sal, you really know the art of fishing! X

  3. That’s a bloody big fish, Sal, good on ya!

  4. The fish was delicious too. Thanks for sharing, and the good company. 😎

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