Sep 072014

dads day  008

starting at the end, my mate, vic, who is back for 6 weeks doing a placement with various health providers, went spearfishing yesterday and came back with 4 lovely crays, a big reef mangrove jack and a blue bone. we cooked up the crays in a coconut cream curry sauce tonite and set a little aside for sashimi.

one of the crays was full of bright red roe, so i made a roe mayonnaise to have with the sashimi. we woofed the cray curry down and saved the fish for tomorrow night!

earlier in the day vic had come around for a coffee, and due to the rest of my family still being in bed after a big night last night, vic and I drove out and hooked up with a mutual friend who took us to a beautiful and secret, fresh water spot. we tried flicking some plastics for a saratoga or barra, without any success. still it was a lovely way to spend dad’s day – with a couple of other dads and out in the bush!

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