Nov 252018

truant island

we had our first trip in the big boat for the season this weekend, we headed out on friday morning to truant island, towing the tinny. we have been waiting for the dry season winds to really abate and finally this weekend looked like the break, with the winds shifting round to the north and even into the north west on sunday.

despite the fairly long interval between trips, nearly everything worked well on the boat and we didnt forget anything other than a couple of minor items! our last trip was back in may, so it was quite a break over the dry season.

we had a gold spot trevally we caught after arriving on friday for dinner the first night, a sploosh of chipotle mayo, salad with greens from the garden and a nice bottle of white were the perfect companions as we watched the full moon rise. we had hoped we would see the turtles hatching given the full moon, but there were no signs when we checked about 10pm and no tracks in the morning.

we had a quite varied weekend, kai & I did quite a bit of snorkelling as the water was very clear, given that young sean whitcomb nearly most his arm in a shark attack here last weekend, we were a little cautious in the water! kai and I also spent a fair bit of time chasing fish from the boat with our spears, kai hit a couple of mullet but they got off before we could recover the spears. Sal and i spent saturday morning bottom fishing the reefs around truant banks without much success but caught a couple of mackerel to keep us fed!

we also did our usual beachcombing and brought home some more floatsom and jetsom for the decorations at rick’s bar and grill!

coffee time!

coffee time!

we had a leisurely trip home on sunday, as you can see kai slept the whole way, i am making a coffee while the auto pilot steers us homewards!

we covered 71.2nm and motored for 5.5hrs using 165lt for fuel consumption of exactly 30lt per hour and 2.3lt/nm



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  1. I see the Coffee and Wine complimenting food — nice fishing

    • Its a complete package! How are things with you mate? Hope you and the family are well.

      • I have taken to native bee keeping in the back yard

        • Ok, I looked into that recently, but its pretty easy to find the hives up here, aside from the ones in the bush, every second telstra pit has a hive in it!! Not sure if the flavour is similar down south, but II love the flavour of the wild honey up here.

  2. Sounds like an excellent weekend but glad to hear you kept a close watch out for sharks! They seem to be paying a bit too much attention to humans these days!
    Is that Webber like barbecue electric? Looks ideal for fish for small numbers.
    X Mum

    • Kai hides behind/beside me so the shark will take me not him. So far his strategy has paid off, he hasnt been bitten once! The webber Baby Q is a gas one, I think you have the bigger version? The stove on the boat is gas anyway so its perfect for fish or steaks.

  3. Where’s Gilligan??

  4. great trip, great food, but you don`t have to worry about sharks. It`s another law of evolution that those species who can`t get enough food
    will die out first.It`s a good strategy of patience.

  5. Love reading your stories! Please give my love to Sal – I hope she’s doing OK after her trip to the Gold Coast and all that entailed earlier this year. Always in my thoughts. <3

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