Aug 212012

kaininja posing in franz joseph, a cute little village at the foot of the glacier. we have been staying at the rainforest retreat which is rather nice! we had to get two tree lodges because they had no 2 bedroom tree huts vacant and we wanted kai to have his own bedroom!

so he has ended up with his own lodge, complete with balcony, kitchen, bathroom, TV, queen sized bed – and door key!

the two lodges are in one building and back onto each other so he is not too far away!

they are very cleverly designed, from inside and on the verandah, you cant see any other buildings in the retreat, so it gives the impression of a private hut in the rain forest. they are nicely built and appointed and very peaceful.

this is the view from inside our one and below you can see what the outlook is from the balcony, we have been very comfortable here for a couple of nights, tomorrow its time to pack up again and head up north towards nelson and the top of the south island.

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  1. What a lucky boy Kai was to have his own accommodation, talk about spoiling!!! The helicopter ride looks spectacular and I can imagine the thrill you received when traversing the glacier. Friends of ours from Birre – eighty year olds did the same trip last year and loved it. Cheers LM & B

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