Aug 292012

yesterday we did the trip from blenheim down to christchurch, another amazing coastal drive in the south island, i think the so called ‘great ocean road’ has been relegated to about 4 places down the list to “quite a nice ocean road”.

whinging victorians can call me when there are snow capped mountains on one side, the beach and ocean on the other, baby seals swimming in a pool underneath a waterfall, 250m up a fresh water stream and a caravan beside the beach selling fresh crayfish cooked in garlic butter.

the baby seals at ohau point are amazing, they only started this behaviour about 12 years ago, they come up the beach, enter the stream and clamber their way about 250 m upstream to a big pool under a waterfall. the incredible thing is no adults make the scramble up the stream, in fact only pups about 3 months and under do it!

once the pups reach about 3 months they return to the beach and behave like every other seal!

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